Verizon Wireless Blog Post Reveals Possible Good News

If you guys don’t know already I am extremely excited for the Blackberry Storm 2 to be released.  This is the most well keep secret that I think Verizon and Blackberry have ever kept. I have been keeping a close eye on many of the forums on sites like CB and Verizon.  Many people have been also... Read more →

Review: Otterbox Defender Case for the BlackBerry Curve 8330

When it comes to me carrying around my BlackBerry, I have never been too big of a fan of cases for the Curve 8330. I have always used the regular BlackBerry hostler, just because I don’t trust my Berry in my pocket. I received an Otterbox Defender Series Case from the fine people at Otterbox, and... Read more →

Vodafone Storm 2 Promotional Material Starting to Appear

The team over at CB got this picture from a guy named Dave (Good job Dave). It was taken at a phone warehouse and it features an official poster. With promotional material starting to show up at Vodafone soon, there is no doubt that a Storm 2 release is coming for both for Vodafone and Verizon. Hopefully... Read more →

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 to Launch October 7th

I have been wondering when RIM would finally give us the official release of the new BlackBerry Messenger. BBM 5.0 has been leaked out over the internet for a few months now and I have been using it to the max. I love the new BBM 5.0. It looks like Kevin from CB has received an email saying that the... Read more →

bQuiet App Review

Have you ever wanted to put your Blackberry on the silent profile for only a few minutes while you are in a meeting, but you forget to change it back to normal after that meeting is over?  Or have you found out that you missed a bunch of messages and maybe even a phone call? Well bQuiet is a great... Read more →

Storm 1 No Longer on Telus’s Website

I got a tweet from the folks over at blackberrycool saying that Telus no longer had the Storm 1 on their site.  Now a lot of the rumors I hear about the Storm 1 not being somewhere, or the Storm 2 being on some site have been false.  So nowadays I don’t really get my hopes up until I see something... Read more →

BIS 2.8 Upgrade Coming Soon?

The folks over at CB have gotten a tip that there might be a BIS upgrade coming up sooner than we were all thinking.  September was the time when we all thought this would happen, but it could be happening on October 3rd. During this time there will be a data outage, but don’t worry it isn’t... Read more →
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