BlackBerry Priv Stock Apps Appearing in Google Play Already

  The folks over at BlackBerry Central did some digging in the Google Play store and came across some interesting things.  Some of the stock apps for the BlackBerry Priv are available to view in the Google Play store. The BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Keyboard, Password Keeper, BlackBerry Camera,... Read more →

Check out Search for Best Buy in BlackBerry World

  There is a great new app from the folks over at S4BB Limited available in BlackBerry World. The app is called Search for Best Buy. This app allows you to go shopping on right from the home screen of your BlackBerry 1o device. Instead of having to go to your browser and typing in best... Read more →

Track a Pack App Review

  I’m sure many of you have ordered things from online. I know I order a ton of stuff. I am always waiting on some sort of package that I have ordered or is being sent to me from someone. The packages I receive usually come from one of the major four shipping companies, UPS, Fedex, DHL, or... Read more →

Developers We Want to Help you Promote your App!

  Are you a BlackBerry Developer that is trying to get your app to as many customers as you can? would love to feature your app on our website!  We love to do full reviews and demonstration videos right here on our website! If you’d like us to feature your app on our website... Read more →

Why I love and Use BlackBerry Blend

  I spend a lot of time behind my computer or BerryReporter and, so when I get a message on my phone or an email, it can get kind of annoying, and a productivity killer! Just think about it, you’re sitting there working on a work assignment, typing away, ideas are flowing... Read more →

WhatsApp Beta Update brings Fix For Laggy Chat Searches

  If you are a WhatsApp user and have been experiencing lag when you try to use the Chat Search feature, then you’ll love this! There is a new Beta update for WhatsApp that is suppose to be bringing a fix for the laggy chat search. The new update is available in BlackBerry Beta Zone! If you... Read more →
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