BlackBerry! Please Bring Sound Profiles to BlackBerry Android

  As most of you know, I have been using BlackBerry devices for very long time.I have gone through many software changes and different models of devices. Each new version of the BlackBerry OS software got better and better (for the most part) with each new version of the OS. Each new device got... Read more →

BlackBerry Mercury Gets Some On Hand Time for the Camera

  Now that the BlackBerry Mercury has somewhat been made public, we can get official images of the device. The folks over at CrackBerry are live on location at CES 2017 and posted some great shots of the future BlackBerry device.  Now this is a pre-production device that they have, which means... Read more →

BlackBerry Bridge Updated to Version

  If you are still using a BlackBerry Playbook, there is a good change you are still using the BlackBerry Bridge app. If you don’t know what BlackBerry Bridge is, it is an app that allows you to use your BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control for your BlackBerry Playbook and take full... Read more →
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