Listen to the New Team BlackBerry Podcast!

  If you missed the live broadcast of the New Team BlackBerry Cross Site Podcast don’t feel too bad! You can now listen to the podcast! That’s right, The New Team BlackBerry Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. During the first episode of this amazing podcast we talk about,... Read more →

BlackBerry Calendar for Android Update Now Available!

  BlackBerry calendar for Android has been updated!  This update is available for BlackBerry Android device and Android device running BlackBerry Hub + Suite. The new update makes it so BlackBerry calendar no longer required permission to read photos, videos, or files. If you choose to use a customer... Read more →

BlackBerry Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Nokia

  BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia today in a federal court in Wilmington Delaware.  In the filing, BlackBerry Ltd v Nokia Corp., 17-155, US Court for the District of Delaware, BlackBerry Claims Nokia’s networking gear, including Flexi Multiradio base stations,... Read more →

Verizon is Bringing Back Unlimited Data!

  If you have been missing your Unlimited data on Verizon ever since they took away years ago, well you are in luck. Verizon is bringing back unlimited data!  Verizon revealed a new plan that gives you unlimited data, talk, and text for $80 on a single line. Four lines can all get the same unlimited... Read more →

BlackBerry new partnership with ISARA Corporation

  BlackBerry has announced a new partnership with ISARA Corporation, which offers offers quantum-resistant cryptography.   “Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with some of the world’s leading experts in quantum security, looking at ways to solve what some... Read more →

BlackBerry! Please Bring Sound Profiles to BlackBerry Android

  As most of you know, I have been using BlackBerry devices for very long time.I have gone through many software changes and different models of devices. Each new version of the BlackBerry OS software got better and better (for the most part) with each new version of the OS. Each new device got... Read more →
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