How to use the Content Transfer app on the BlackBerry Priv

  If you’re picking up or have already picked up your shiny new BlackBerry Priv, you might be wondering how am I going to get my information from my old device to the BlackBerry Priv? Well as we mentioned last week, BlackBerry has developed an app call the BlackBerry Content Transfer app.... Read more →

BlackBerry Registers Two Android-Related Domain Names

  There has been a lot of rumors about BlackBerry releasing a Android BlackBerry device. Now this morning, BlackBerry is making those rumors more interesting. It looks like they have registered two new domains. One called and the other is called  This makes... Read more →

Full List of the New Emoticons

Incase you have been running out of emoticons in your BBM conversation, you will be glad to know that with BBM 2.0 rolling out to Android,iOS and BlackBerry devices there are 100 new emoticons waiting for you to use! This mass amount of emoticons includes sad faces, animals, romantics, and characters.... Read more →

BBM Launching on Android and iOS Today!

    It was exactly a month ago today that BBM for Android and iOS were suppose to hit the airwaves, but it hit a road bump in the process. Well today BlackBerry is bringing BBM for Android and iOS! That’s right we no longer have to wait, well we kind of do, but not very long. Both Google... Read more →
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