Full List of the New Emoticons

Incase you have been running out of emoticons in your BBM conversation, you will be glad to know that with BBM 2.0 rolling out to Android,iOS and BlackBerry devices there are 100 new emoticons waiting for you to use! This mass amount of emoticons includes sad faces, animals, romantics, and characters.... Read more →

BBM Launching on Android and iOS Today!

    It was exactly a month ago today that BBM for Android and iOS were suppose to hit the airwaves, but it hit a road bump in the process. Well today BlackBerry is bringing BBM for Android and iOS! That’s right we no longer have to wait, well we kind of do, but not very long. Both Google... Read more →

BBM For Android Beta App Goes Live for Beta Tester

All of us are waiting for BBM for Android and iOS to become available, especially after the failed launch a few weeks ago. Looks like we are getting closer, as those who are registered BBM for Android Beta testers are getting a new version to test.  The new Beta version has a few new changes, such... Read more →

BBM for Android and iOS Get Another Rumored Release Date

    BBM for Android and iOS are very big topics, with so many people dying to get their hands on the great application. Well today we have gotten a few new rumored release dates for BBM, that seem to have a lot of heat to them.   First it seems like there is a BBM event going on in Jakarta,... Read more →

BlackBerry Brings iOS Support to BlackBerry Enterprise Service

    Today BlackBerry has taken the iOS support in BlackBerry Enterprise Service out of Beta, making it now available for use!  The iOS support for BlackBerry Enterprise Service allows enterprise customers the ability to keep work and personal information separate.  This is great for IT Admins... Read more →
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